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What is the Cloud ☁️ Adoption Framework?

The Cloud ☁️ Adoption Framework (CAF Framework) is a collection of documentation 📚, implementation guidance 📃, best practices📝💭, and tools 🛠🧰 that are proven guidance from each cloud service provider with whom we plan to accelerate our cloud adoption journey.

Each cloud vendor has a different CAF defined for it's services but this article we will be looking at CAF for Azure:

The CAF for Azure brings together cloud adoption best practices from Microsoft employees, partners, and customers. These tools help shape our technology, business, and people strategies to get the best business outcomes during our cloud adoption effort.

Below is the high-level guidance for each methodology, providing us easy access to the right guidance at the right time:

→ Strategy ♟: Define business justification and expected outcomes of adoption.

→ Plan 📑: Align actionable adoption plans to business outcomes.

→ Ready ✔: Prepare the cloud environment for the planned changes.

→ Migrate ✈: Migrate and modernize existing workloads.

→ Innovate 💡: Develop new cloud-native or hybrid solutions.

→ Govern 🏛: Govern the environment and workloads.

→ Manage 🦾: Operations management for cloud and hybrid solutions.

→ Organize 📅: Align the teams and roles supporting your organization's cloud adoption efforts.

As we are progressing towards the hybrid and multi-cloud setups, we need to develop a CAF which will best suit our need and will be vendor agnostic on the high-level and as we dive deep into one vendor technologies it should reinforce the CAF specific to that vendor.

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